Dallas and Fort Worth Destination Wedding Photographer

You may have guessed it already, but I’ll tell you anyway. Photographing couples is my absolute favorite thing in the world! I love capturing that “zing” between an in-love couple — the adoration for each other that’s written on their faces.  Being surrounded by all that love is just another perk of my job.

In addition to photographing the ardor between a happy couple, I also love photographing all the carefully planned details of a wedding adventure, as well as those unforgettable moments that simply must be captured in Portraits. Whether it’s the cascading lace on a bride’s gown, the happy tear in a father’s eye as he’s walking his little girl down the aisle, the breathtaking cake that must’ve taken hours to perfect, the groomsmen boogy-ing on the dance floor, or swimming with the dolphins on your romantic Destination Wedding… I love being there to document it all.

We are literally with you from the early morning of your wedding day to the late evening hours of your reception shindig. Only Ley Michelle Photographers aren’t all in your face paparazzi style the whole time. For most of your day, you’ll hardly even know we’re there snapping away. That means a weight off your shoulders and lots of time to spend focusing on making sure your big day goes smoothly.

Getting Ready

We start the day by photographing you getting ready. Don’t worry. This is all very much G-rated and we’ll make sure to capture your pretty face only after you’re all done up. Think detail shots of your fragrance du jour, you slipping into your beautiful shoes, a crowd of happy bridesmaids in their slouchy sweatpants and impeccable hair. The same is true for the men, too. We’ll capture them fastening boutonnieres to their lapels, candids of dad giving the groom some sage advice and groomsmen laughing it up while the women get ready.


When you book with Ley Michelle, you’ll have both formal and informal portrait shots. That includes those gorgeous bridal portraits, handsome pics of the groom (perfect for propping up on your work desk), group shots of the entire bridal party and all the family portrait shots you could ever want. We like to do a mix of both casual and traditional for these shots.

Ceremony and Reception

Of course, we also document your entire wedding ceremony and reception, complete with all those big — and small — moments that must be caught on film. That includes walking down the aisle, the big kiss, the officiant speaking, musicians playing, and family and friends listening/watching. We’ll also capture all those fun and heartfelt moments at your reception, from tearful and hilarious toasts to some mad dancing skills to cake cutting and beyond.




Below is a List of the shot we think you won’t want to miss, feel free to create your own list based on ours and let us know just what you want us to capture!


  • Formal Entire Bridal Party
  • Silly Entire Bridal Party
  • Groomsmen and Groom
  • Groomsmen and Bride
  • Bridesmaids and Bride
  • Bridesmaids and Groom
  • Groomsmen and Bridesmaids, sans B/G
  • Silhouette Shot of Bridal Party
  • Flower Girl Portrait
  • Ring Bearer Portrait


  • Formal Bridal Portrait
  • Formal Groom Portrait
  • Seeing Each Other the First Time
  • Bride and Groom Embracing
  • Bride and Groom Walking
  • Bride and Groom Holding Hands
  • Bride and Groom Kissing
  • Close Up of Rings on B/G
  • Groom Getting Ready
  • Bride Getting Ready


  • Extended Families
  • Bride’s Extended Family with B/G
  • Groom’s Extended Family with B/G
  • Bride with Parents
  • Groom with Parents
  • B/G w Both Sets of Parents
  • Bride w Grandparents
  • Groom w Grandparents
  • B/G with Grandparents
  • B/G with Siblings


  • The Rings
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Bridal Veil
  • Groom’s Boutonniere/Bowtie
  • Wedding Dress Before It’s On
  • Bride’s Shoes
  • Ceremony Decorations
  • Reception Decorations
  • Wedding Cake
  • Ceremony Program with rings and vows

Expect the unexpected.
Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s OK. In the long term, it’s your outlook and attitude that makes for a brilliant, successful day.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take payment installments?

Yes, of course. We can work out a payment schedule.

Someone else is paying for our photos. Who signs the contract?

No matter who’s paying for the photographs, it’s always you — the bride and groom — who signs the contact. You’ll also be our primary contact and who we speak with leading up to, on the day of, and the days following your wedding.

Can I hire an additional photographer to shoot our wedding?

The contract you sign states that Ley Michelle LLC photographers are the only photographers allowed to shoot on your wedding day. This helps promote our creativity and ensures you get the best photos. We do offer additional shooters depending on the photo package you choose. As long as guests do not infringe upon our space, they can take pictures with their cameras/phones.

Can I hire you to shoot my destination wedding?

We absolutely love destinations, so the answer to your question is a resounding, “Yes!”

We have a separate contract for destination weddings, which details accommodations and travel expenditures.

How long does it take to get my pictures?

You will always receive your pictures within six weeks, but usually earlier. During the busy season, we sometimes get backlogged, but even then we do our best to have all digital negatives to you within three to four weeks.

Do you design the photography albums?

Our modern coffee table albums are absolutely breathtaking and yes, we do design them in house. We work with you to include the photographs you love best to ensure you love your album from cover to cover.

Do you provide customized packages?

Not all weddings are the same — we get it! For that reason, we may provide a customized wedding package to suit your needs. These customized packages are for weddings that are far outside the norm (for example, a very short, intimate wedding between only parents and the bride/groom). Talk to us and we’ll make it work!