Texas Senior Photography

Senior Portraits

Where did the time go?!

We’re sure it went by too fast!! 
But now it’s here!! And don’t delay, you’ll want to remember this sacred time of life, where your Senior transitions to being an adult! (gulp!) 

Seniors are some of our FAVES. And for good reason! 
The world is their oyster and they have big plans and big energy! 

We love to showcase some of what makes them— well, them! Every one of us has special interests and hobbies… and we love to feature those in our Senior Portraits!  

One of our Seniors you’ll see photographed above, has the sweetest horse EVER and she wanted some of her photos with him! We LOVED photographing them! Some of our other Seniors wanted a lot more GLAM, while one of our favorites was just in love with her jeans and a tshirt! 

Whatever you have in mind for your perfect Senior session, we’d LOVE to help you plan it! Let’s chat!!  (and PS yes, you can feature more than one outfit in case Mom has something else in mind 😉 )

Don’t stress about choosing your location. 

There are TONS of great options and we’d love to help you decide! 

Start planning your DREAM Senior Session TODAY!!

We’re here to help and we’d love to help you plan!